Classes for Kids (Tots to Teens)

Elementary Workshop:  For KG – 5th Grade Children  

Our 45-minute program covers body safety, recognizing their safety instincts, how to start safety conversations with grownups and other kids, playdate/sleepover safety, what to do if children can’t find their family out in public, an intro to online safety, red flags/warning signs, and prevention tips. Children participate through actions, Q&A, and role playing.  We bring hand-outs for parents to take home and share all of our favorite book examples.



                                                                   Youth Workshop: For Tweens and Teens

Our 60-minute presentahigh school kidstion for middle/high school students covering by not limited to: General body safety and learning to trust your own instincts to protect your body. What it feels like when you know something is not right. Red flags and warning signs; things that an adult or another kid might do that would be a warning sign to you that they aren’t making safe choices or don’t have safe intentions. An introduction to online safety including 5 tips for using computers, tablets and smart phones like a (safety) boss. Teens need to know how marketers are targeting them, why they are so tricky and why adults like safety software so much! Sleepovers and dates offer new dilemmas for when an event goes sideways and teens need to know how to get out of uncomfortable situations. Bullying and anti-bullying are taught in schools but adults don’t always understand. We discuss how to avoid it, how to downplay it and how to stop it. Then we close with a large group discussion and the chance to ask questions from each other and the presenter.



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