Classes for Parents and PTA’s

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Preschool PLUS! | Parents of 3-6 year old children.

Talking to your young child about body safety can seem scary. Where to start? What is age appropriate? How to deal with Chatty Cathy’s and Dash off Darrin’s? Worried that your kid seems to have no boundaries when it comes to strangers? We have you covered.  We will spend 90-minutes talking about easy (non scary) ways to talk to young kids about safety, keeping your sanity and keeping them safe! 

  • Talkative kids (blessing or a curse?)
  •  Opposite sex bathrooms
  • Teaching your child about body safety
  • “Help! My Mommy is lost!”
  • Kids who bolt in public.
  • What safety tools work (and which ones don’t) with younger kids?
  • The “Fab 5” Questions every parent should be asking before a play-date
  • Red Flags and warning signs
  • Prevention tips

This class is great for parents in MOPS, PEPS, Co-Ops, Daycares and Preschools!

Elementary School | All Ages workshop (Workshop for parents of Kindergarten through 5th grade)

If you need a workshop to reach a larger parent population this workshop will help touch on some of the topics relevant to all parents in your elementary learning community. The 90-minute workshop will use broader strokes to cover safety topics. 

  • Red Flags and Warning Signs
  • Intro to online safety
  • The “Fab 5” questions every parent should ask before a play-date or sleepover
  • Prevention tips
  • Conversation starters for safety
  • Myth busting
  • Talking to your kids about body safety

Be Keen on Your Tween’s Safety | Parents of 8-11 year old children

Savvy Parents Safe Kids - Tween safety

Your tween is growing and wanting more independence. For parents, the tween years is a total game changer. Make sure that you are prepared for this normal part of growing up. Changes are coming your way. This 90-minute parenting workshop will help you become a helpful and resourceful parent to your tween. 

  • Cell Phones –tool or tricked out toy?
  • The top 3 myths parents believe and how they are putting their kids at risk.
  • Staying home alone. Are they ready? A step by step tip list.
  • Questions EVERY parent should be asking (and why).
  • Tweens -body and personal safety
  • Out & About: School and neighborhood safety
  • What are the “game changers” at this age when it comes to your kids safety? Why you have to think outside the box!
  • Sleepovers & new friends (what you should know).
  • What safety tools work and which ones don’t?
  • The “Super 10” rules for reducing your child’s risk for sexual abuse and other crimes.

Middle School Mania: What Parents Need to Know | Parents of Kids entering/ enrolled in Middle School/Jr. High 

Hormones! Eye rolls! Clamoring for more independence! Do you feel like somebody flipped the crazy switch on your kid? Oh boy. Now is the time to change your safety game plan! Middle School brings higher risks for kids and can often leave parents feeling overwhelmed and worried. This 90-minute parenting workshop will talk  you through what to expect, what you can do and how to keep your kids safer as they move through middle school.

  • How parents may unknowingly be putting their kids at risk
  • Determining if you are suffering from “Not MY kid syndrome”
  • When your child becomes a babysitter- what your child needs to know.
  • What new dangers kids face in Middle School – it’s a game changer!
  • Cellphones (Safety tool or Tricked out toy)
  • Out and About Safety
  • Myth busting
  • Red Flags
  • What old safety tools no longer work and why you need a new bag of tricks!

Summer Safety | All Ages workshop (Workshop for parents of Kindergarten through 5th grade)

Back To School

This workshop will help touch on some of the topics relevant to all parents facing summer safety issues. The 60-minute workshop will focus on finding safe summer camp and childcare providers. 

  • Signs of a “safe” summer program
  • Questions to ask before registering for overnight camp
  • The “Fab 5” questions every parent should ask before a play-date or sleepover
  • Intro to online safety
  • Prevention tips
  • Is your child ready to stay home alone during the day


About the workshops….

By hosting a mobile workshop at your home, school, parent group, church, business,  PTA or other youth serving organization, you will learn easy tips and tools that make safety fun not scary. If you are uncomfortable or are uncertain about how to approach the topics of sexual abuse, abduction and safety prevention with your children- or feel like your child is not listening – I can help. You will learn strategic steps on how to be proactive and create a safety plan for your family that works. You’ll learn all the essential tips and tools you will need so you can confidently talk to kids about keeping themselves safe without scaring them (or you!). Each workshop format is friendly and engaging with easy tips and tools that parents love.   These highly popular classes are recommended for all parents!