“Super 10” Rules For Safety

“The Super 10” 

Download them here : super 10

  1.  I am SPECIAL & I have the right to be safe at all times.     
  2. I know my NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and my caregiver’s name too.  
  3. I never go ANYWHERE or take anything from someone I don’t know.      
  4. I always CHECK FIRST to get permission before I go anywhere or get into a car, even if it is with someone I know.                   
  5. My bathing suit areas are PRIVATE!                
  6. I don’t have to be POLITE if someone tries to bully me into doing something that makes me feel uncomfortable or scared.
  7. It’s OK to say “NO!” & tell a safe grown-up when something doesn’t feel right.        
  8. I don’t keep SECRETS (especially from my caregivers)!           
  9. I always take a buddy and I know what to do if I ever get LOST.
  10. I always pay ATTENTION TO MY OWN INNER VOICE, especially that “uh-oh” feeling.


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