My Heart breaks when I read this…

When this article came across my newsfeed.. my heart sank. It sank further, as I read more of the details surrounding the story of the boy, his family and his disappearance.  Children go missing everyday. It is a tragedy in and of itself to think of the anquish of the family… even more so when a picture begins to emerge that indicates that a parent was involved.

This seems to be the case with this little boy…. nothing made sense in the story that the mother provided and in the days since, more and more details emerge that let us know that things were just not right for this struggling family. A bitter custody dispute. A mother suffering from mental illness. A father accused of violence. A previous conviction for both parents for leaving their child alone in a car for an hour in 27 degree weather while they shopped and now a mothers refusal to take a polygraph.

I only hope that behind the scenes, family and friends were there, in the days, weeks and month prior.. trying to help. Those friends and family must be hurting deeply at this moment. I cannot imagine the pain. Enduring the unknown and living in dread for what might be an unthinkable truth. My heart goes out to the family. My wish is thatsomeone made a poor judgement call and that somewhere out there this boy is being hidden, safe and sound and someone will do the right thing and return him.  I hope that he is alive. I hope that he is returned. I hope that justice is delivered for this boy.