I read this and my blood boils. A child molested at the hands of her art teacher, while her PE teacher not only “covers” for the molester, he totally facilitates the arrangement. How can a school, full of trained professionals, not have noticed the HUGE RED FLAGS? An art teacher who had so much uninterrupted access to this child that nobody noticed when this art teacher took her off campus multiple times? I know that many parents are against having their child have texting capabilities on their phone but I am reading more and more that text messages found on the child’s phone are ultimately what gives the predator away. “I love you” messages (among others) was found by the victims mother and let her to the abuse.

Talk to your children about what the job roles are for the adults in their lives. Ask about best and worst part of their day.  Take time to  check in and meet their teachers. Be involved. Ask questions.  Talk about safety with your children.   READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE