Ahhhh! Summer

  • Summer time brings many new exciting changes as well as new surroundings and sometimes new caregivers.  Make sure every one has a clear understanding of what the rules mean and how they keep your family safe. Review. Review. REVIEW
    Ages 2-7:
    Practice with your child: 
  • learning your cell phone number.
  • Locating a “mom with kids”  next time you are in the store
  • using a “BIG VOICE” and let them know they can USE it when they are scared!!
  • Talking about the “uh-oh” feeling.
  • Identifying their “bathing suit areas” and let them know they are PRIVATE!
  • Remind them to always “Check first!”
    Ages 8-12:
  • Set limits of how far they can travel by bike or on foot.
  • Role playing “What if” scenarios, offer a non scary way to review safety situations with your child.
  • Discuss who the “safe grown-up’s” are that they can go to this summer, if you are not with them
  • Clearly define boundaries with your child.
  • What the “roles” are of the adults and caregivers are their life? (e.g. Outline what the camp counselors, coaches, nanny and babysitters “jobs” are this summer).)
    Tips for all ages:
    Spend time with your children and make sure that they know they can talk to you if something is wrong.
    Teach your children about safety in a calm and easy going manner. Never use scare tactics.
    Post the ” Super 10 rules for safety ” in a place where everyone can see them and learn them!