Yesterday I gave a talk to a large group of parents at a local school district. A theme that I repeated often, throughout the workshop, is that we need to talk openly and often about safety, but to also model safe behavior in front of our kids.  These clips are a MUST WATCH with your children. They put several real life kids to test (under hidden camera) to see how they handle situations such as a bully, whether they would get in a car with someone they KNOW has been drinking, how they would handle a stranger coming to the door and the perils of texting while driving (and added commentary on how distracted parents are doing too much texting and talking and the negative message it is sending our kids).  Many of the points and tips in these clips are spot on to what I have talking to parents about.  Use these clips as a conversation starter. Your kids need to know what to do in these situations!  Dr. Michele Borba over saw this experiement and the results were stunning!

Would YOUR child pass these safety tests?