A new year is here… and with it comes some new resolutions. Why not make family safety one of your resolutions? Here is an easy one:

Start talking safety with your kids TODAY!

Talking about safety with your kids is a bunch of little conversations. If your child is reaching a milestone (going to kindergarten, camp or new caregiver) now is the time to start talking!

 Here are some easy tips to get the conversation going.

9 months – 2 years:

Start introducing the concept of a “nice moms with kids” or a “safe mom with kids”. You can ask them to point out the “mom with kids” while shopping together so that your child will know what to do if they get lost. Make a game of it! By introducing this concept now, it will make the next level of discussion easier.

3-5 years:

 Start talking about the “Uh-oh” feeling. Let kids know that the “icky” feeling they may feel in their tummy is their body’s way of letting them know that something is not right. Encourage them to seek out a safe grown up when they get the uh-oh feeling. Let them know they are the boss of their body!

6-12 years: 
Talk about the roles and responsibilities of the adults around them. Talk about healthy boundaries. Review who their safe grown ups are. Review with your child who is authorized to pick them up from school. Ask them if anyone gives them the “Uh-Oh” feeling. Remind them to “check first” before accepting gifts or rides from anyone (even if they know the person!).
For all ages:

Remember to make talking about personal safety a fun thing. Never use scare tactics. The more you talk about safety the more your kids learn about listening to their instincts and how to make safe choices. Most importantly your kids are watching you and learning about safety so make sure you are modeling safe behavior. Listen to your instincts and let you kids know they should listen to theirs.

About the Author:  Kim Estes is the owner of Savvy Parents Safe Kids www.savvyparentssafekids.com . Kim has worked with parents for over 12 years, educating them on various parenting topics.  Through non fearful techniques and easy to apply parenting strategies Kim helps parents gain the confidence they need to start talking to their kids about safety and how to keep the conversation going!